The Goal: Attract, Retain, and Inspire


In an ever-changing world the challenges to Attract, Retain, and Inspire your workforce are greater than ever! Attrition rates continue to rise at alarming rates and we can help stem that tide.


Great leadership starts with the basic premise that a company’s culture is more than just a vehicle to provide goods and/or services to its customers. Employees thrive when they feel they are being heard, valued, and making a difference. And Making a Difference creates Purpose, which is fundamental to Managing Attrition!

How We Help

It starts by utilizing our M123 Surveys and Proprietary Analysis Model (PAM). This is one of our core services and our team has over 30 years of survey and data analytics experience.

M123 engages with Senior Management and HR Professionals by creating customized, anonymous surveys that identify what is working, what is not working, and what’s really on the minds of your employees. And because we are an independent third party, employees can feel secure that their autonomy will never be at risk.



A Consulting Firm of Passionate, Proven Professionals, Dedicated to Enabling Companies To Attract,Retain & Inspire Millennials and Young Professionals.


Employee Turnover – Job hopping Young Professionals cost employers millions of dollars in rehiring, training and lost productivity every year!
Our proprietary research shows that Millennials are just as hard working as the generations before them – with a few caveats.

Young Professionals Consumers Are Not Brand Loyal – Or are they?
What we know is that companies that fail to communicate their unique story miss huge opportunities to create and maintain brand loyalty.


Millennials123 creates a bridge between management, their millennial employees and consumers. We build community, create career growth, purpose and loyalty!

The Secret to Employee Retention:

Get the Insights You Need to Reduce Turnover and Build a Happy and Productive Workplace

Do you want to create a workplace culture that attracts and retains top talent?

Are you tired of high employee turnover rates?

Let M123 Group give you the solution you need:

  • Data-driven approach
  • Systematic analysis
  • Practical recommendations
  • Regular measurement of results
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Understand What Your Employees Are Looking For

Our proprietary approach will help you understand what your employees want and why they might be leaving. We begin with a survey that asks the right questions to learn what employees are looking for in a fulfilling work environment and to get to the bottom of any dissatisfaction.

Create Targeted Solutions

Keep Your Best Employees Happy and Engaged

Armed with results from our survey, we use our Proprietary Analysis Model (PAM) to help you create targeted solutions to improve employee retention. Whether it’s implementing flexible work arrangements, offering competitive benefits packages, or providing opportunities for professional development, M123 Group will help you keep your best employees and most productive teams happy and engaged.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Give Your Employees a Voice and Create a Culture of Trust and Respect

Our approach is designed to give your employees a voice. By sharing their opinions with a trusted third party, they will have the confidence to express their feelings frankly and honestly.

When employees are listened to and feel valued, they’re more likely to feel satisfied with their work and they’re less likely to leave. By understanding your employees’ concerns and acting on them, you’ll create a culture of trust and respect that will keep your team members loyal and committed.

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Save Time and Money

Proactively Address the Root Causes of Turnover and Save Resources

Employee turnover is costly. Not only do you lose the time and resources invested in onboarding and training, but and you may also experience a dip in productivity as a result of declining morale. By proactively addressing address the root causes of turnover, and you’ll save time and money.


A Powerful Company’s Authentic Story Leads To Pride Of Ownership And That Creates Loyal Consumers!

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A Powerful Company’s Authentic Story Creates Purpose and Context. Result: Higher Morale, Increased Productivity, Career Growth, Community And Retention!


A Powerful Company’s Story Creates Purpose and Fulfilment!
A man and woman looking at a car in a showroom.
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We Make Your Employees Say, “I Get To Work For My Company”

Social Responsibility and Sustainability

A Powerful Story Reveals A Company’s Social Responsibility and Sustainability Participation!

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A Powerful Story Matters!

*A Portion Of Our Proceeds Are Donated To Our Pre-Approved Charity